Yoga Massage Combo –


Scene Yoga Teacher Lyra Law is guiding her Customer Adriana Chechik via a lunge, If Adriana Begins to feel like she pulled hamstring.

Adriana lies down while Lyra checks it out. Lyra is also a masseuse and offers to help alleviate the pain using a massage. Adriana takes her offer and Lyra starts to rub her inner thigh with oil. She applies pressure to Adriana’s pelvis, releasing the pressure inside her hips. Lyra asks Adriana if she would be comfortable taking off her top. Adriana whips her off her bra and allows Lyra massage around her neck and clavicles. She moves her over and provides a deep tissue massage on her back, shifting her shorts down to better get her lower back and glutes. Lyra is functioning on Adriana’s arm muscles and wearing a luscious smile, when she requests to remove Lyra’s shorts entirely. She moves down to Adriana’s toned and plump buttocks, getting very close to the fold of her vagina. Adriana finds this therapy particularly relaxing and allows Lyra eliminate more romantic prodding down there. Lyra slips her finger inside Adriana’s slit and faked to lick her asshole! This brings Adriana near orgasm. Adriana turns onto her back and Lyra gives her lesbian pussy a thorough licking till she cums. Adriana devours Lyra’s breasts as soon as her yoga clothes come off. Adriana rubs Lyra’s pussy then goes down to her while fucking her hole with two fingers. Lyra howls out of cumming profoundly, then goes back to eating Adriana’s pussy working up her until she gets it rain. Adriana retains on squirting around Lyra along with the yoga mat. Whenever the lesbians begin tribbing Adriana squirts on Lyra’s pussy while Lyra cums at the time.

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