Work Out Session –


In the midst a workout session where they perform yoga moves together on their terrace, Winter Marie and Sierra Nevadah decide that theres no reason to indulge in a few play in exactly the exact identical moment. Giving each other naughty smiles, the two girls peel off their clothes and restart their workout entirely nude.Once theyre completed, its just natural for them to come along in a kiss that quickly gets steamy in the summer sun. As their hands ramble each others bodies, Sierra and Winter know that the inevitable end is going to be orgasmic. The girls kick off their fun by sitting side by side and reaching over to massage every other bald pussies. When they are both hot and wet with their excitementthey turn to face each other that they can enjoy some scissoring action while simultaneously playing each others rock hard nipples.As their mutual orgasms come closer, Winter requires the initiative to put Sierra down to their workout towels so she could sweep up her tongue her womans juicy slit. Not ready to be the only one receiving fun, Sierra coaxes Winter to change objects up.Soon, Sierra is hanging atop Winters face having her dripping twat eaten outside. The situation allows Sierra to use her keen hands to massage Winters needy clit, bringing her fan ever nearer to the edge of ecstasy as the women participate in a delightful race towards completion.Winter ultimately wins when Sierra insists on burying her face in her womans soft twat and with her gifted tongue to drive her to a big climax. Winter resumes her position involving Sierras legs and now she doesnt quit until Sierra is trembling her orgasm after exchanging a lingering kiss.

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