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We bring you The Maine Event. We have two str8 studs prepared to push their envelopes for our whimsy. The very first of these two is the All-American, tousled-haired jock that replies to Maine Rogers’ title. Past 21, for all those of you unfamiliar with Maine, Maine Rogers has been showcased on our site in his very first solo. If this man isnt the kinda guy everyone wishes for on Christmas Evewe dont know who is! Hes 511 with fantastic features, a thick 8 fuck along with a nicely defined bod adhere to boot. After his solo, Maine had his first all-male set and came more open minded back. In 25, Maines ready to explore more and wants to get into a bit of ass play. Who are we to judge? Since Maine is a Ass Man, this should be interesting. Here to help is Rusty Steele, just another San Diego native. Rusty also spends his day at the gym and is 22 and then surfing the shore. Hes also single and claims hes. Hell take em but one night stands only. He likes Latinas or women and Maine is right into women nowadays. Just once you think the hot ones are not shallow. . .This ones to the fat girls! Rustys latest hot encounter included Sex on the shore lacked the paper umbrella. He was about the shore in the center of the day, putting pipe once the Fish & Wildlife Officer captured them. They high-tailed it back into the auto buck naked and made tracks in the sand before the officer can do anything. Now theres an adrenaline rush for ya! As they begin to get themselves challenging watching a movie laying on the bed they begin groping their cocks. Their tees come off and at no time they pull them down to have more easy access and undo their sleeves. These two studs sit side by side playing pocket rocket their sexy black boxer briefs inside each. As he gradually breaks the ice hand bends over to Maines leg. It does the trick and at no time Rusty is kneeling beside Maine, palms exploring Maines ass as Maine strokes Rustys enormous cock. Rusty slides up and falls his cock. Maine cant withstand and at no time has his lips wrapped about his new buds meat. Rusty loves the mind hes and reaches back toward Maines buttocks. He fingers it like since Maine only continues to nurse about his own 17, it were a pussy. Fuckin hot! They kneel beside each other in the bed as they grope each other asses and jerk off each other. Rusty goes on Maine for a bit giving him what hed already received. Maines eyes shut as he gets his meat sucked but it will not last long until Rusty wants more of Maines mouth on his own knob. Maine goes down, while lying on his belly, takes Rustys thick cock back into his mouth. Rusty again is totally free to research Maines sweet ass. He ends up squeezing those cheeks and hammering his hole as he plays with his penis and reaches down his back. Rusty has plans with this ass because he pulls out a small vibrator. He’s in paradise as Maine allows him to have his own way. He invades Maines hole. As he slips his friend deep inside just to pull it back out again. He bends and laps at Maines butt with his tongue that is pierced. The mix is overpowering and it makes Maine want more. Maine lies back as he lets Rusty work upward a second toy in to his sweet hole. Rusty slides his buddys ass is prodded by the larger. He fucks him faster and quicker hitting Maines prostate only right. A shot stands and it isnt long at all before his cock explodes all over himself. His load provides a thick pearl choker to him because his currently cum-covered neck begins to drip. Its Rustys turn since he sits back to the bed and start to beats . As he watches him conquer on his lovely, maine caresses Rusty a bit. Rusty is shooting all over himself and wont be extended. His load spooges out, pooling on his stomach that is smooth. Cmon, you simply gotta enjoy boys that were curious!

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