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Head to toe in his tight leather , a new deerskin harvest is admired by Christian Wilde. House servant # 153 stands to Christian’s abandoned attention, doug Acre, stuffed in a cell. They anticipate the arrival of Adam Ramzi, who will experience dom training now. With Adam’s arrival, Christian presents Adam with # 153, because he smacks his hands and crop against the servant outlining the critical concepts of BDSM. Christian gets because he explains to Adam the significance of maintaining the slaves tasked with actions the boy make to boot blacking. #153 gives a spit shine using his tongue to Mr Wilde and lays down the polishing rag. Mr Ramzi learns first hand how a servant providers his master’s cock as #153 begs for more. While sucking Mr. Ramzi, Christian stands the slave up and fucks him from behind, as he struggles to balance on one leg. Christian brings straight back Doug to his knees and blows off a load all over his face. As # 153 suffers every setback, his hand subsequently tries at flogging, providing a barbarous treatment in tandem with Christian. With his servant Mr Ramzi rebounds & blindfolds his boy into a fuck platform, legs spread upward, hole at full demonstration. #153 feels every inch of the master’s hot penis ram in him his load all. On his knees, lick it up clean and # 153 has been ordered to pay the new house dom’s boots.

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