Wedged –


Anna Tyler is an enthusiastic lover of the art of BDSM. She's adored as long as she can recall, and she doesn't keep it much of a mystery as she squeals and wiggles her way through every encounter in which she s involved. She loves nothing more than being crushed, beaten, and used like an item, and today O.T. really has her hooked on a feeling. O.T. starts out strong with some basics. While Anna is bent upwards and cuffed to a wooden framework by shackles around her wrists and a metal collar, then he pulls up her dress and pulls it over her mind. Then he spanks and flogs her ass until it’s bright red. Then he keeps moving. Tears are welling up in her eyes as he tears into the soft flesh of her buttocks but still he presses , swinging his arm and over again till they float and she’s crying all around the post she's tied to.Then it's time to shake up the heat a bit. O.T. sticks hooks at both sides of Anna's mouth and spreads it wide, he then attaches a nose hook and pulls it up so that she resembles a pig. Also an colour and humiliated, Anna is attached to the floor by her throat, and her feet dangling between two poles so she can't budge. O.T. takes out a celebrator vibrator plus also a metal pussy hook and then fucks her together with them till she yells out in climax.

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