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Demetris has to operate on Saturday putting in overtime, and she’s feeling kind of worried. She is the only person at the office and it is lonely! Really, she would far rather be back at her flat in bed getting banged by her boyfriend! Well, perhaps she’ll wank herself just a little and that can take the edge off. And she is kind enough to let us see! She tugs aside her black panty and then we can observe how pink and excited her pussy is for some relief. Making herself comfortable by removing the panty, she sits around the desk and then stuffs her snatch with her digits. Then she opens her blouse so that she can play her boobies too. Stretching out, she spreads her cunny smiles and again. . .wouldn’Can it be fine, ” she muses, if a person would come in the workplace and fuck her silly? Sureher boyfriend are the ideal option but she’ll take any available cock at this time. . .because she sure doesn’t like to operate on the weekends! Fingering herself profoundly and fantasizing every hour or so is the only way she’s going to make it through this lonnng day! At least she’s so well-organized at her show that she will have the ability to find everything done, and nobody will be the wiser! But she better not to abandon these musky panties laying about or her secret of on-the-job wanking can escape!

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