Virgin Face Sitter Provides.. –


Miss Jasmine kept her slave under the kitchen table for the night with his legs in a clamp. He is now free to go, and he may be able to serve as a good seat cushion. Jasmine sits on his back and gives him a whiff. Poor slave had never seen a woman on his head before, so Jasmine sits on him stupidly virginal. He starts to moan when she sits down, a sign of his inexperience. HeaEUR(tm), soon starts thrashing around, desperately trying to breath. Jasmine questions if there is a mosquito here.

While his constant moaning can be annoying, Jasmine sees the positive side and realises that his moans actually provide some joy to her pussy. Jasmine accidentally farts on her slaveaEUR ™, and the man becomes extremely frantic. He hasnaEUR ™, yet, not been taught to love his MistressaEUR ™. HeaEUR ™, finally allowed to breathe, but he complains about not being able to. Jasmine smiles and says, aEURoeThataEUR ™,s kind of the idea. She says, aEURoeThis will be the closest he and me ever have to sexual encounters, however, it does make me wonder about his sexy sounds. Jasmine finally decides that it’s time for her to put down her slave… but he wonaEUR(tm).t fight.

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