Inspired by Agan Medon Sailor Luna has her wrists pulled . She is walked on a giant dildo that makes its way to the back of her throat. OT fondles and undresses her while she struggles to not gag.The leather hood on Sailor Luna's head keeps her in absolute darkness and not able to speak. In her panties Sailor Luna seems cute. OT takes the opportunity to whip her ass and her little tits. When he pulls the hood off he bends his huge hands around her throat and then tightens down.OT spreads her to a wooden device which has her completely exposed. She can jut her pussy outside for all to see. OT pulls on up her legs, pushing against her knees into the border of the timber. Labia clamps pull her tender pushy flesh available. Mr Pogo is crammed into her wet cunt and the vibrator buzzes away at her clit. She s teased so close to orgasm that each time OT pulls the vibrator away Sailor Luna wants to cry.

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