Venus Cuellar Strokes Her.. –


Noi is Hot and sexy ladyboy in Pattaya. She has beautiful face, sexy body with slim and nice little ass. I have invite her to my room to do something fun and exciting together. When she got in to the room she looks surprise t to see me and one young guy in the room. She looks nervous and start to asking me question what are we going to do? I tell her that we are going to play whit this young guy together and have a fun first time threesome. We both not wait longtime to sit on knees touching each other in front of the guy. I start taste his cock, then Noi taste it while I touch her body. She sucks the guy and I can see that Noi is getting horny, of course me too. My room getting more hot. Noi get more and more horny and she keep going and cant stop it. We are not going to stop it until my room gets wet everywhere.

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