Vault 022 –


This week brings us another hot guy from the Northeast. Richard is 25 years old, straight, has a girlfriend, and works for an HVAC company running duct work. I cant mention exactly where hes from, but Ill bet you can tell from his accent. Richard is very quiet and doesnt say much. Whenever I meet with a guy like that for the first time, I like to pick a part of his body that is really nice and then ask him about it. It usually embarrasses them a little bit, but its a good ice breaker.Choosing the best part of Richards body was tough. Everything is nice. Cute face, nice muscles, big dick. But his ass is the best. Definitely. Round and full and squeezable."So you have a nice ass." I blurted out. He was already naked by this time. "Does your girlfriend like it?"Always work the girlfriend into it."Yeah, she does," he said, smiling.Not a lot of information, but it was a start.I bet she likes it too. And I bet Richard is an animal in bed. Its always the quiet ones you have to watch out for…

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