Turning The Paige: Chapter 3 Wasteland.com – tvporn.cc


Chapter 3 – To Have And Have Not –During this next installment of a 7-part episodic series inspired by the literary works of Ernest Hemingway, we see the domestic servant, Ami dusting his dungeon and chatting with Paige. Ami decides its time tor seduces Paige and a few play. En flagrant, they are caught by Master Doc after some hot girl-on-girl action. As a punishment, he places them through the paces in a traditional predicament scene.Anal pins are inserted to both women while in their knees, and then he makes them painfully kneel on tender rice. He then administers a tazzapper, the crop to inspire movement, where move about on the rice and they are made to tug on each other. A painful lesson for each of them.

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