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For all you out there wondering just what it is you must be grateful for this past season, well are here to help. Richie Sabatini is just and back in time for Thanksgiving. We could not get enough of Miamis Richie; and also to make this holiday much more spicy were very happy to have Noah Springs making his sector introduction. Noah is 20 years old and hails from Seattle. Hes discovering Florida a bit warm for his preferences where he is, but we like him. As the New Year approaches we asked these hotties what their emphasize of 2010 was. Richies highlight hasnt happened yet but will shortly. His Mom comes down to his birthday along with spending some time with her will be his highlight. Awwww. For Noah, his highlight was coming back here to Miami Beach. Thats a win/win there. Then we asked these two what their perfect bed buddy would seem like. Richie wants someone about 58, large dick, tan complexion with dark featuresPuerto Rican to have fun with all the sheets. Noah enjoys em taller than him. He wishes to have a strappin man that may throw around his hot bum in bed. As he adds, noah blushes,. . .and theyd must be appealing. Well, yeah. We knew that. . . .Fortunately, Richies got that beneath control.Richie is sold as hes dressing to depart and finds Noah hanging out over the sofa. Turns out, Noah has nowhere to move on Thanksgiving; thus hes staying house. Noah brings him back down and then plants a kiss on him immediately changes everything, as Richie goes to kiss him goodnight. I guess I’m staying home tonight because he takes off his shirt he grins. They strip one another and soon Richie has his lips wrapped about Noahs growing cock. Noah is smooth as Richie slowly starts to operate his torso, and his cock is throbbing. As Noah then kneels between Richies legs to get at that prick of 19, they start to turn out. He pulls down his trousers and undoes his trousers. We still get our first glimpse Because he does. He pulls Richies briefs setting his hard cock free down. Hows that dick taste, mmm? Richie yells as Noah licks it from base to tip. After the briefs come off Noah goes down to him as he takes as much of that cock deep into his throat. Because he swirls his tongue all he appears at Richie with those bedroom eyes. Noah then bends over and gets a taste of that hot smooth ass. As Richies sexy tongue finds its own mark, noah groans in ecstasy. . . .but waittheres more.nNoah flips over on his back since Richie slides his thick cock inside. As Richie begins to fuck him, noahs ass gives in. Richie shortly picks up the speed making Noah beg for more and moan. Thick penis stretches as he rams inside Noahs hole. Richie then gets Noah to bend over so that he could fuck him doggy style. As he proceeds to bury his boner inside his 20, richies smooth balls smack away at the ass. Im gonna nut bad, Richie groans it aint funny! Noah moans as he receives his pit bounced back on Richies throbbing penis. Im gonna nut all over you as he sees his dick he teases vanish inside Noahs buttocks. The party then moves to the seat. Ride it! He orders as Noah quickly obliges. Noah grinds that ass on Richies cock becoming him close. As around himself explodes, they dismount. He soaks torso and his face in a batter bath. Dessert! already? Because he strokes his own rock hard cock and hammering all over his torso and abs, noah is following. Well, they have worked up an appetite; hoped that they arent those ones. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us in CircleJerkBoys.com. Bon Apptit!

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