Toy Lovers – S12:E2 –


Anie Darling, dressed in a strapon-dildo and robes, is all set for Talia Mint. Talia does not have to wait long for her excitement to build. Anie Darling is patient and firm in guiding Talia onto her knees, with her hands on her bed. TaliaAA’s creamy twat is pushed into by Anie, who then feigns her affections with long, hard strokes. Talia controls the situation by sucking AnieAs toy and then climbing up on top of her for stiffie rides. Talia’s hip thrusts are enough to make her ready for cum. But Anie does not want to let her love go. Talia and Anie reunite again, with Anie dominating TaliaAA’s hair with the dildo. Talia stiffens, then explodes in a low moan. The girls seal their lovemaking by a long kiss. They then bask in their lesbian pussyfest afterglow.

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