Tommy Gives It Up –


We have Tommy Defendi back from the home this week. We never get enough of this hottie that is hung and young. Tommy is living in Florida again and is now looking better than ever before. He says he must keep looking great in Miami because thats the way Miami rolls. We acknowledge Miami is a bit more body. This week, we’ve got a fresh face on our site which goes by the title of Phenix Saint. Phenix is from San Diego, but grew up in the Midwest and currently calls Minneapolis, MN house. Phenix is 27 and states when he had the chance to move anyplace different it may be Florida since hes never lived right down . Hes not a lot of pet person, so it would be simple to relocate south. Tommy has a couple of pets, but theyre back home in the Windy City. We asked these two who they continue jerked off . Phenix admits he last stroked into a person inside his little black book. Tommy couldnt remember the last time that he had to jack off. Oh the humanity! Tommy is normally a top based on that thick 9 prick of his. Today, Tommys gonna present our members something to jack off to as he continues to explore his sexuality and provides that candy ass up to Phenix, whos hardly a Saint. What fun would that be?They begin groping each other slowly as Phenix begins to research Tommys furry torso. He sucks and licks his nips and neck before going south. Tommy begins to explore Phenix as well, as they commence the dance. Tommys tongue glides across Phenix smooth chest. Shortly, Phenix is paring off Tommys jeans to get at that thick prick. Tommy groans in pleasure as Phenix takes his cock inside his mouth. Phenix operates his mouth about Tommys throbbing cock since Tommy moans in pleasure. Phenix subsequently gets up; as well as Tommy starts undoing his trousers, we make our first glance at his ink. Phenix has several tattoos which frame his navel. If this isnt a tasty enough surprise, Tommy is shortly slurping on his rock hard prick with its shiny Prince Albert eager to be pleased. Tommy expertly swallows his penis sending Phenix to overdrive. Phenix then lays back to possess more of Tommy as he sucks on his cock and heavy low hangers. Phenix is yanking his thick dick because he sucks Tommys meat. The more challenging Phenix gets, the more he would like to get inside that hairy bum Tommys going to give up. Soon enough, Tommy is assuming the place since Phenix moves to place.Phenix slides his cock right into Tommy without much reluctance. Tommy grunts and groans as he attempts to accommodate his rock hard cock. Once indoors, Phenix is based now on a mission because he drops off at Tommys hole. He holds on to Tommys midsection as he rams his cock in deeper and deeper. Awww fuck my butt that feels really great Tommy cries, as Phenix continues to take whats his. Phenix looks amazing plowing off at Tommys ass as Tommy takes every thrust hes given with pleasure. Phenix then pulls out and sits back to have Tommy ride his penis. Tommy impales himself back on that cock and starts riding his beef hard. Tommys fat cock is rock hard as he takes that dick deep in his hole. Phenix is adoring bum as he grinds up to meet every thrust Tommys buttocks is giving him. After some time in this position, Phenix sets our top boy on his back and goes back in, fucking him heavy while jacking Tommys meat in tandem. You like that bum? Tommy whimpers because he gets the living daylights fucked out of him. From the living daylights we imply the amazing cum load Phenix fucks from him. Tommy has met his match as Phenix turns our star top into a cock hungry bottom. Phenix thankfully pounds each thick blast of cum out of him into a persistent OH MY GOD! Chorus as Tommy explodes around his face and chest. Phenix brings out and sends another enormous batch around one cum-covered Defendi. –DAMN!

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