Tomas vs Ben – WRESTLING –


We just had to get newcomer Ben Mondo to get a wrestling match. This man has been a little hit with associates, so that we did everything to convince him in,and paired him up. Tomas is very hot they seem quite equally matched because they help up each other hot. The match begins, with Ben from the trunks fighting to free himself from Tomas strong grip. He doesnt manage it though, and has to submit. Then the guys remove the panties and are back to the game. Their bodies seem excellent because they grapple, and moving around the mats, so attempting to have a hold. Ben comes up with the hold in the next round, to level the score. However, his success is short lived as Tomas gets him under control, becoming another entry. The guys really do strive hard to get a grip on each other, which allows us flailing since they strain against other efforts, along with some amazing perspectives of asses, dispersing obviously. Tomas proves because he assembles a commanding lead over Ben himself to be a very good wrestler. Each of these builds a perspiration up as they roll up all over the ground, bodies entwined. Ben needs to do something to gain some ground after catching Tomas balls, and he receives his point. Tomas returns the favour, tugging on Bens nuts, to restore his guide. It seems that’s the best way to receive Ben resorts and a entry to it. They have each others to a breather, to acrylic. Then it’s on with the game, which Tomas quickly wins 10-3. After the victory they sit down for a wank off, becoming their cocks difficult and good. They require a turn in wanking each other for a while. Wanking themselves again Ben is the first to shoot a great load. Tomas keeps wanking along with all over the place squirts. The men help each other get rid of oil and that sweat and also then go to the shower.

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