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I got a call from hot Brazilian porn star Stefania Mafra – a super sexy brunette with legs a mile long. Stefania was getting tired of doing porn and wanted to try some bondage work. I sit her on the couch and find out she has never been tied before!! I ask the young charmer what she´d like to try and she suggests a simple hogtie. I grab her arms with my hands and her elbows go together like butter. Oh doll, you´re made for this line of work. I get the first rope on her – of course it is an elbow tie. Within a minute Stefania begins to complain. This hurts … my hands are numb and I sense she about to panic. I sigh and release the rope. There we go sweetheart. Let´s start with a nice panty gag. Stefania agrees and I peel down my panties dangling them off my foot. Shove them in your mouth honey. She wads up the satin panties and begins to stuff and pack her own mouth with them. I hear her gagging and retching. Good thing I didn´t wear grannie panties today I laugh and hand her a roll of vet wrap. Start layering this around your head hun. Stefania complies but looks confused at this point. She´s muffled silent now so I don´t have to hear her bitching and I turn off the nice act. Dumb little porn girl didn´t know what she got herself into. I quickly bind her wrists and yank a rope around her tiny waist pulling it tightly through her pussy lips and ass. There you go babydoll – I´ll be nice and attach your crotch rope to your wrists so you can pull up on them and play with your pussy. Not what you expected little one … isn´t this better than a porn shoot with a cock up your ass? Stefanie groans as I cross her ankles and rope them up finishing the hot bimbo in a hogtie. Just like you asked for … I toss her cell phone a few feet away and laugh. I´m enjoying watching newbie Stefania as she struggles around in distress moaning and grunting into her gag.

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