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SEASON NINE MATCH UP!DRAGONLILLYThe DragonHT: 5’4WT: 129lbsSeason record (0-0)Lifetime record (32-5)SHAE SIMONEThe SaboteurHT: 5’2WT: 107lbsSeason record (0-2)Lifetime record (0-2)The Dragon is back after a brief medical leave. The Doctors have stripped her to wrestle and she’s back on the Ultimate Surrender mat. The Dragon has the greatest arsenal of exotic holds all designed to place a competitor in a position to be finger fucked to orgasm during wrestling. Please inquire The Dragon back and show your support in the remarks section.Shae Simone is back to the Ultimate Surrender mat. This small fighter gives up, never offers in. When she is forced to cum to the mat, then she gets up to combat. A never say die attitude – the sport are a planet Dragon took her period, let the rookie have some expectation, then smashed her bug if every wrestler had her courage and determination. Shea was created to cum the Ultimate Surrender, on the mat. No matter how hard she struggled, however hard she tried to escape the Dragon left cum and Shea cum . Shea was helpless, dominated, and destroyed sexually and physically to the mat.Ultimate Surrender, the sole non-scripted real wrestling league online.

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