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Part 2 of rsquo & Skin Diamond;s live BaRS show continues in a merciless pace. Two cocks have throatboarded her into her tender face , and we are ready to proceed onto the course. Why they keep throwing AVN awards time to determine. Enough warm up, we want to see what that pussy has to offer…All actions happens live on cam , and we quickly calibrate Skin’so palms between two posts. The position enables us to swivel her, dropping her or hauling her access to her pussy. Skin is currently only sex on a stick and we make use of that actuality. Her eyesight is cut off by A traditional style INSEX stocking hood. She can not see or anticipate the dick, all she can do it take that which we dish out.A hole ripped inside her hood provides us access to her face pussy and now then we slip in to continue her throat coaching while at the same time pounding out pussy. Because both cocks try to fulfill at the center, skin is turned into a sex sandwich. Because her tight holes are owned by us, she drools all around the dick. Training needs to be done badly, and we both cram two cocks. 10 inches of chocolate thunder have been brought on that cunt, approximately slamming home balls deep. Most would tap under the pounding, however, Skin isn’t most people. She also takes it with a grin on her face that is excited. We are not even close to finished and get ready to roll into another bondage place. Stay tuned to find out what is in store for our hot starlet…

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