The Training of Sabrina Fox,.. –


Applicant ProfileThemes:DutyAttachmentGeneral Observations:Delivered a self-revealing, written petition:A’I need to work on self control, self worth, humility, making clear concise statements.A’Claims to be stubborn, strong willedCraves structureVery sensitive nipplesLoves bondage suspensionsHates her feet toyed withDifficulty orgasming when allowed or expected toFears:Walking down stairsFallingWithdrawal of approvalProposed Goals:Orgasm training – come when orderedEroticize service through choresInitiate sexAnal TrainingSimple CommandsHumilityRecommendations:The A’First StepA’: Advance through scouring the buildingA’s deepest, filthiest stepStrip, shackle and interview herEarn slave name through 116 cane strokesBeat her feetRigorous physical inspection and position trainingDeny orgasmBeat the rules into herCover her face in gimp comeHomework:List 100 ways to initiate sex, due Day 4Write an essay on A’DutyA’, due Day 2

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