The Training of Cherry Torn,.. –


TRAINING PROFILESUBJECT: #178STIPULATIONSRequire direct evaluation to counter tops, affirm or expand assumptions before analysis / intervention.REF. SESSION: #5362STATSAge: 22Sign: LeoMeasurements: 33-24-34 DHeight / weight: 5’7″, 115Breasts: realAnal: NoStatus: Owned by Mr. TornHISTORYFive years at the lifestyleStarted timid and modest, counter w/ emergence into adult condition of assertiveness / / confidence.PROCLIVITIESHoods, encasement, ballet bootsPiss, corporal punishmentTits hurt, slapped, breath playFace slapping, choking, hair pullingEXCEPTIONSWhen requested about Dislikes? ‘None, really. ‘Not considering talking on cameraASSETS’. . .allot of self control’ – Claire A.Moderate to High pain toleranceDEFICIENCIESLittle link to BDSM historyLack of favorable submissive role modelsSusceptible to nervous laughter, poor eye-linePAIN MANAGEMENT SKILLSModerate to thick bottomLikes deeper pain much more than sting.Pussy: very sensitiveLIMITSNo Electricity / Cattle prodPHOBIASNone yetSEXUALITY’Difficulty orgasming, especially in any position aside from laying on my spine, or any place that I find physically stressful. ‘ISSUESHarbors a developing resistance to controlInner struggle between emerging assertive behaviour and submissionDifficulty finding pride in submissionFear of punishment prevents her from giving clear consent to be overruledOBSERVATIONSArticulate, smart writer, speakerAppears self aware, introspectiveEnjoys support when able to performNaturally acquiescent personalityQUOTESQ: What do you like about being dominated?A:’I love feeling helpless and just the fact that it’s kinda fucked up.’ (laughter)Q: Relationship with pain?A:”’I would not call myself a pain-slut. I enjoy it because I need to please not because I get off on the pain, although I enjoy it’.

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