The Sweetest Santa –


Welcome Dixon Mason.I am glad that you’re here. Despite the fact that I consider you a friend, I like to get to know you much even better. So I ask you a few questions. “Do you think that bondage allows for a more true expression of itself?” You explain that, for you, bondage produces a space where you can express feelings which may otherwise be dumb, hard, problematic, or overly vulnerable. The bondage creates a safe space to roam where you generally don't.It may seem funny to keep in mind those words that you spoke as you’re zip-tied to the front of a cage using a leather hood over the mind, your underwear pulled down, and some bitch scratching the fuck out of your tits. Or when you're tied bent-over the back of a seat, legs for the taking, head and also your tits swinging with each and every stroke of the cane. I understand I laughed at the hilarity. The clarity. The humorous clarity. Irony. Dichotomy. Free as soon as you can ' t kindly move to state. “So what, then, do your bondage expressions say on your inner self? 'I believe we eventually arrived at a bit of clarity. Your sobbing rooted body will on occasion be overtaken with tantrum anger. This looks important that you be able to express. To let it out. You felt that sex generally can allow for a more vulnerable reflection of their self. Your reply to this suspended, hair-tied ass fucking was honest. It is appreciated by me. Are you still my friend?

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