The sauna of shame! [Part 2] –


We left House of Taboo the lovely Viktoria Diamond was newspaper jumped and bagged in a warm sauna tied at ankles and the knees together with fashion knot work! She was being worked into sexual positions that were different and also had the labia of her pussy clamped down using clothe pins. What Well for starters how about bogged down into the sauna bench with twine and getting the pins clamped for her sweaty pussy she’s sitting . Talk about some beautiful shots of her shaven enjoy lips. You’ll want to ship your mouth a mission to save them pronto! Though we hope your prepared for some rocket fuel, since she is gonna piss after getting close them. I believe that’s a chance most of us would be willing to take. Open up and say gold rain, Ahhhhhhhhh! Viktoria Diamond’s gold rain! Mmmmm!

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