The Broken Down Car Trick –


Mistress Michelle Lacy and Goddess Alexis Fawx are bored and use the old broken down automobile suggestion to lure a man to have some fun with, They are standing on the side of the street in black bikinis together using up the hood and at no time a large muscle bound man brings up to see if he can give them some help. Michelle palms him a sip of her drink and he catch woozy they assist him to his truck and he comes overly sloppy up in their dungeon, the ladies explain him that they like things kinky and also to maintain controlhe needs they discharge him and the ladies just laugh, Mistress Michelle grabs his cock and balls and starts to beat them with her hand crop, The girls tell him just how far it turns them on, as he screams for mercy, Goddess Alexis tells him he will learn how to appreciate this and to simply go ahead, because following my friend Michelle is going to whip your spine until my pussy becomes wet. Mistress Michelle Lacy and Goddess Alexis Fawx decide its time to whip up the from this big macho guy who’s accustomed to getting his manner with woman, it’s time to show this muscle mind just who really is in charge her, the women laugh because he shouts out for mercy knowing they will be committing no exception, Thats right bitch shout as loud and as long as it is possible to know one will ever hear you again.

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