The Breast Scrub: BTS.. –


Brittney Madison is a real black cock slut. We knew that when we called her up and asked her to come down for a Blacks On Blondes scene. Oh goody! she chirped. Black dick for me! Well, thats right sweetie…but we really wanted to show the world youre BCS…so we got out the markers and tagged her shit up. Thats right, out homeboys wrote all over her. BLACK COCKS ONLY. RESERVED FOR BIG BLACK DICK. NO WHITES. That sort of thing. Brittney had no problem whatsoever getting tagged up. In fact, she loved it. All that wife writing on her made her tight pink pussy wet enough to accomodate all that black dick. There was one problem though…afterwards, the markers didnt wash off like we thought they would. Funny thing though – Brittney didnt care!

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