I’m a seasoned FBI agent on the path of a Chinese newbie of US Military information. The documents have been stolen by nyssa Nevers in the Pentagon and I head in to take down her. I track down the Asian girl at a hotel room and that I attempt to detain her. Before she has an opportunity to leave the 24, I demand the documents turn over and flash my badge and submit for arrest. Nyssa throws me down to the mattress and jumps me catching me. We fight and struggle wrestling onto the bed. Nyssa starts to choke me and jumps on top of me straddling my entire body. T discharge her hammerlock grip on my throat but she won & acute although I flail and chased my arms. I cough and gasp and believe going out. The crafty Chinese spy rolls me and peeking my elbows together behind my cinching them quite tightly. Her weight holds me down since she proceeds tieing up me although I cough and sputter conscious. She yells saying I severe & can;t prevent her . She gropes my tits and leans in close to me taunting me . I’m determined to receive me off but she immediately crosses my legs and binds them together leaving me not able to get away. I begin to work out a deal with the spy buut Nyssa has plans for me. She shoves them deeply into my mouth procuring them by wrapping clean tape around and around my mind and slowly strips her panties down. The second thing I understand the hacker that is Asian ties a rope around my neck. My fear escalates and when she finishes off me in a goat 19, I start to dread. Nyssa walks away leaving me bound and gagged and catches my FBI identification card. She knows I am doomed because she tied the ropes that every battle tugs and pulls the rope wrapped round my throat out me.

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