Max and I have been operating at the bar owned by the Mob. We’ve got nothing to show for all our hard work – that the money just keeps rolling in and severe & so it; s all for the Asians. Amazing busty Nyssa Nevers is the mob accountant where their protected is and that she knows. I invent a strategy to XXXX Nyssa to tell me where the safe is therefore that I can take the cash and escape for a life together with Max Belize. We are talking closing preparations for our plan and I leave to hide in Nyssa´s home and await her arrival. She enters and I immediately inject her with truth serum to extract the location of the money. Nyssa wakes up bound. She starts to struggle and curse. I watch and stand on her. Nyssa won’t speak telling me she’ll have me k*l. I inform the Asian woman which I will make her conversation. I grope her entire body squeezing them about and laughing at her and pull her big tits out. I pushing my hands in her tormenting Nyssa and pull her skirt up. I ask and straddle her. Nyssa is having none of it. Oh you wish to do this the hard way? I put her out again and simply just take the syringe out. Nyssa wakes up tied up laying down face with in a temple rope. Moan and she starts to fight – . Where the currency is, I request and Nyssa isn’t quite so aggressive struggling to breathe. I yank up hard on the rope connecting her tied to her bound ankles and weak helpless Nyssa coughs and gasps for air. I publish the goat rope to quit choking the accountant where the cash is, and eventually Nyssa tells me. I predict Max to let him know we are home free. Nyssa says we’ll never get away with it and I laugh showing her our itinerary – we’ll be off to Belize!! Nyssa gagged and bound struggling on the floor is left by me. Nyssa maneuvers herself out of the bondage and wiggles, ungags herself and makes a call to her boss at the mob that is Asian. It was barmaid GiGI and her man which ripped us off. Nyssa says I know what their new names are and where they’re going and picks . Don&severe;t worry – I shall Find the money back and I will make them pay… to be continued

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