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21 had just turned when he had been here for spring break last year. But this time he had been back at CircleJerkBoys.com just on his 22nd birthdayand we arranged a celebration to make a day of it and pull out all of the stopsas well a brand new bottle of lube and a mailbox of condoms. Even though Antonios solos, with this tough, tight body honed from hours of soccer practice, that world-class bubble ass, and that fat eight-inch penis have become legendary, his unique ability to take a load farther than any man we have ever filmed is nothing short of an orgasmic prospect. We knew that Antonio wanted his turn on the company end of another man, and we could not imagine a more fitting birthday gift than that. Speedy is a pint-size player with a large mouth, a huge attitude, a big cock, and a huge demand for cash. Originally , we were not sure just how far Speedy would be happy to proceed, but as it happens, helping our birthday boy blow the candles out was his launching act.Im up because of it Antonio admits directly into the camera, even though that fabric-stretching throbber inside his jeans spoke even louder. Both meticulous and Antonio are outside of the tops nearly immediately, and Antonio instantly opens his pants and begins rubbing that big dick as Speedy drapes one leg around Antonios to show off a bulge just as hard, and from the outline, just as big. Antonio wastes time trekking that thick, uncut eight-inch stick out of Speedys trousers before Quickly spots a goal he likes better than Antonios fisthis mouth. Antonio practically inhales Speedys enormous meat right down to his hairy bush as Quickly catches the back of Antonios mind and gives the birthday boy the skull fucking he’s obviously craving. Before Antonio flips Speedy on the bed and pushes his throbbing dick down and up Speedys very furry, round buttocks for a reminder the celebration games have finished. . .it is enough to unwrap the gifts and the condoms.Slowly working his finger into Speedys hole while he squeezes his penis up and down these cheeks, then Antonio moves into position. Inch after inchhe gives Speedy a taste of exactly everything his girlfriend should have felt this afternoon when he was home giving her eight inches. As Antonio finds his groove, as well as Speedys prostate, it’s impossible to tell which among the guys is borderline louder. We are not sure who is more surprised when Quickly yells out fuck me over once: Antonio him, us. However, Antonio takes the call to heart and proceeds to give Speedys hole a deep, slow drilling before his balls are still rubbing Speedys cheeks and no doubt, performing an impromptu realignment of both Speedys lower-digestive tract. Speedy climbs along with Antonios cock, riding him into the upper crest of total bliss and gets off at time to get Antonio to get off and spew a load which hits him in the chin and proceeds on down into a snowy path all the way to his pubes, while Speedys sheds his very own nut all over Antonios calf and knee. Now that hes had a piece of right bum, Antonio is prepared for a slice of cake, and we are ready for a cigarette!

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