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Scarlett is one hot big titted babe who knows how to put her twins to use. She loves using them to work up some hard cock so she can jam it down her throat and suck all the precum from the head. Scarletts a bit of a camera hog; when shes down there with those breasts in between the dick and her tongue licking the head, she wants that camera to zoom in nice and close to show every little detail of her art of cocksucking. Blowjobs are one of this BBWs talents as she slurps up and down along the side of the lucky cock whos getting her mouth all over it. She lovingly just tongues a dick from tip to balls, making sure all the sweat, cum, and scent of sex is in her mouth. Scarlett just lets it all hang out, especially the gobs of cum that drip from her lips when shes done draining some balls of every inch of sperm. Lucky for her, it fills right back up in about half an hour.

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