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London River is a strength of character. She contacted us and begged, pleaded, to get the Insex encounter. She knew she wanted everything we dish . We gave her a chance and she paid off in spades. She is, undoubtedly, the most powerful and most excited version to come across in quite some time. In virtually no time at all she was ready to proceed to frasl & b ;gram shoots . Now she’s prepared to try a stay BaRS show.Only the roughest and really best can handle a BaRS series. London qualifies. Can she ever. Let&rsquo shall we? We have her start with showing off her flexibility and stripper moves until fulfilling her with a blindfold, breast and a blow job. On her legs, thighs spread wide and mouth open open is a really great appearance on her and now we material 10 inches of enormous black cock right down that eager throat.She deepthroats like a champ, like she was born to worship the cock. That is a sensation slut in her real element and then we pick up the pace in reaction. Whipping the blindfold we pull on her home in that tight pussy. Quickly shifting her we then throw down to her back and stuff her. Because we carry her from both 12, one sandwich is made by london. Eyes and her reddened face show we are getting started and how deep she is in subspace that is sensual. Stay tuned for another round as we continue to deconstruct this fucktoy. It only gets better…

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