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Ever wonder gorgeous babes that are hooked on love and latex get sent also when they can not get enough cock? Well, consider no more as we present to you”Tales of the latex sexual asylum” including our bodacious and gorgeous individual”Latex Lucy” and her two adore doctors”Kid Jamaica along with Franco Roccaforte” View behind the scenes exactly what takes place when Lucy is admitted and treated as royalty with a mechanical penis at the ceremony of her perfectly shaved twat, also 2 real ones to match the needs of her lusty mouth!It all starts when physician Roccaforte wheels in Lucy in her see-through, shiny latex outfit and props her near the window for some sunlight. After giving her a pain killer, she relaxes and the physician exits the room. Kid Jamaica comes in wearing a loony orderly apron and hat and finds Lucy knocked the fuck out. He has always wanted to become a doctor. The devious orderly starts to whip Lucy with his belt across her beautiful tits, and then binds her wrists and ankles into the wheel seat. What could he be up to? Perhaps, he’s discovered the ideal remedy for her pain? Lucy looks stunning in her slumber, such as a plastic doll. Her shaven veegee is in full view as she’s wearing no panties, along with her rock hard nipples are in full impact. The tight vinyl really showcases her rounded, sexy globes and her waist is so small that the distinction between her top and bottom is in the form of a shapely hourglass figurine. Kid Jamaica brings out a fucking device from nowhere with a purple twist style dildo at the suggestion. He places it at the entrance to her hot twat and starts working the remote control, increasing the rate till Lucy is awake and moaning from the hard thrusts of this mechanical apparatus. It goes deep and fast to Lucy’s pussy, and her hot red lips pout with pleasure. Then Kid puts the device and stuffs his huge cock directly into Lucy’s mouth. She bobs and yells as her poon gets blasted great. The machine knows no limitations! What happens her over the border is when Kid bends over and sucks Lucy’s clit while the system remains nailing her. That actually get’s her fired up. But no! The doctor is back, and he’s fuckin pissed! Kid gets pulled out of the area by his ear and Roccaforte immediately assesses his patients heart rhythm to make sure she’s okay. Once he gets the green light though, he is no fool! His monster dick comes out also and Lucy enjoy’s herself another meaty bite and a protein shake, so courtesy of the DDF gender asylum!

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