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We have two new faces to your CircleJerkBoys stable. We all know youre gont like those studs as far as we do. These guys are down here so what better way to have a terrific time while at Miami Beach in relation to our own set? Originally from Boston, MA, (like the accent wasnt a dead give away) Ryan Buckley makes up the first half of these hell raisers. Ryan is 23 years older. While hes been out and about enjoying the weather and the beach, he’ll soon be enjoying something else. That something else would be a Denver tourist from the name of Jacob Tyler. Jacob is 24 years older. Before he returns to Colorado he might need some more time in the sun. We asked. Cheesecake is Ryans immediate reaction. Didnt need to consider that. Jacob prefers down pizza hands. They both admit to being horny all of the time and are equally avid jackers. Jacob admits some time driving house, the weirdest place hes stroked is. Ryan confesses his eyes close so that forcing thing wouldnt work because of him once he nuts. However he does like it at the beach, where he can often find help.Ryan wastes time before kissing Jacob. His hands instantly begin to roam all over Jacobs 6 framework. He ignites Jacobs crotch because they kiss and start to undress each other. Penis is the first out. Jacob sees that it will get a hot reception. This cock is sucked by him whereas Ryan fucks his face, attempting to bury his dick. He lies back and lets Ryan return the favour Following Jacobs had his fill Ryans Bostonian boner. Ryan swallows it to the hilt and catches Jacobs cock at the base. He licks and sucks his cock when remembering to pleasure his balls. Jacob is obviously smooth. Hes hair loose. He watches in amazement as Ryan sucks on that cock like a champ. Ryan is begging na want far more than Jacobs fairly mouth wrapped around his dick, so he puts Jacob to suck his cock a bit more so he will make it good and hard for whats next. Jacob goes back into swallowing the cock while it gets rock hard and ready for activity and kneels between his legs. Ryan then matches up and gets prepared for more.Suited upward, Ryan watches Jacob straddles him and stays on his thick dick. Jacob is held by ryan by the waist and reaches his head as he begins to piston fuck that ass. While he bounces on that cock jacob is rock hard. Ryan is enjoying every minute of it. Ryan is a top that is proficient and knows precisely the way to shove that dick inside a tight ass. Jacob switches to some reverse cowgirl position and then gets up. In this place, its simpler for Jacob to knock himself off while grinding back on Ryans cock. Ryan can relax and observe while Jacob does the majority of the work as he grinds and bucks straight back on his cock. Ryan doesnt will be banging that cock of his up to Jacobs eager hole, and stay for long. Ryan pushes Jacob so he jack his dick at exactly the exact identical time can fuck him. Ryan continues to pound that ass, and hoists himself off the couch, still buried in Jacob. Where he receives ass missionary style ryan then puts Jacob on his spine. His thick cock only sinks inside this hole. He drops away at the ass. Its also much for Jacob, that ends up cumming while Ryan remains fucking him. Ryan pulls out and unloads his own batch around spent cock and also Jacobs balls.

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