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Troy Halston is back with us and weve decided to pair him up that we think can than take the pounding that Troy likes to provide. Though hes not a routine on our website, his face has ever made over just a number of fans on our brother website ExtraBigDicks.com. That fan favorite is none aside from Trey Turner. Trey from Miami, FL and has been 21 and has had his fair share of playing with the big boys. We are aware that butt would be okay with having a good pounding. Is after pulling a U-Haul and moving with his immediately theyve and lately coupled now. Everything is going well so far and he loves his new guy is a listener and also appears to have a enormous cock. Hmm. Troy is happily coupled but his partner has a much bigger dick than Treys! Troys spouse goes by the name of Hollya.k.a. Mrs. Holly Halston. Holly is the half of your power few in the adult sector and she keeps our Troy happy in your home. We made a decision to ask any guidance to be given our starlet by Troy. Keep work, work and home, home. Its that easy. Troy says. You’ve got to have the ability to maintain the two separate if you’d like to have a healthy relationship in your home. Nowadays that information would do the job for the majority of us. Troys getting ready for the shoot when he hears the shower running. He goes to investigate and finds out Trey Turner after shooting his very own scene showerin up. He also decides to help himself as finger and he starts to grope ass. Trey decides hes as he traces Troy back to the sack. They begin to make out and start to undress each other. Trey goes down on his knees because he undoes Troys trousers. He begins to lick and kiss Troys cock which is currently pretending to be released. Trey goes to work with his beef and pulls down his briefs. Troy yells as Trey sucks and licks his balls and balls. Trey is going to function as he bobs up and down on Troys thick beef. He licks over forcing Troy crazy and it isnt long until Troy wants some . He undoes his towel and sits Trey straight back. As Troy goes to work with his meat treys cock is rock hard and prepared for launch. Troy sucks Treys penis as he bobs up and down on his meat. Cock is bone hard as it receives the attention was being awaiting. Troy admires his cock as he bends itholding it by its thick base before going back down on it until it disappears down his throat. Troys had enough foreplay and more are needed by him . As he receives Trey on each of four, come here so I will fuck you he states. You want that ass? Teases Trey because he looks backwards and spreads those cheeks that are sexy. Dinner IS served as Troy begins to fuck Treys ass leaving Trey moaning and begging for more and slides inside his ass. Troy is fucking that ass deep and hard in no time as he holds down Trey and heap pushes his dick deeper and deeper. Im gonna ruin that ass he grunts as he looks down and watches his thick dick pummeling Treys hole. Because Trey moans like a bitch he falls forward on Trey and power fucks Trey. Can we just move there? Lol Trey is responsible for much more as Troy contains him ride it and sits him on his penis. Troy slams his dick up into Trey as Trey does his very best to handle the fucking hes. Seeing Troys balls bounce on Treys bum looks amazing because his cock buries itself inside that hole that is hungry. This was the pit that he needed to fuck and just when Trey believed things were coming in for a landing, he is put by Troy on the ground with his ass in the atmosphere and his head to the ground. Troy fucks his hole bouncing his penis in and out until he didnt catch his load no more and slides his dick into him. Troy pulls out and unloads his nut all. Trey then jacks his meat off over his smooth chest as Troy palms that hole. DAMN!

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