Summary –


Ellie wanted him to have a sex with her for a while and couldn’t stop it. She basically told him that it would happen, or else she wouldn’t continue shooting. He couldn’t resist the charm of a 19-year old girl, particularly when she was having sex with him. The two of them start to kiss and touch each other on the couch. She then demands his pants be taken off and gives him an intense blowjob. She then rides in his doggy and fucks him hard. He takes her on a ride and she rides his shaft like an eagle. Then he does the same for her, pulling her hair and sucking her breasts. When she pounds hard, she has an occasional orgasm. She then gets spoon-fucked by him, which you can see how wet it makes her! He moves her from one position to another, making sure she is in a flexible position. He then takes her in missonary and then moves her to the bed with her legs raised, going as deep as possible. She grabs every bit of it and suckers it all off. She is so intense in her sexual activity that she has been voted one of FTVx’s most sexually active girls!

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