Stripping in the shade –


Meet newcomer Shannon Reid as she poses for us outdoors in ivory pantyhose, turquoise bra and panty set, and a mild . Standing in the shade while sunlight dapples the trees in the backdrop, Shannon gives us plenty of presents of her long legs and feet in the nylon. She slips out of her lingerie to reveal her pretty titties, because the crotch was cut out of her tights along with a pussy that is completely revealed. Shannon stands over us and pulls apart her buttocks and slides her fingers underneath the pantyhose. She then gives them a good sniff and takes off her shoes. Kneeling to the lawn chair, she shows us her butt again and we could visit her pinkness through the hole that is crotch. Leaning back, Shannon spreads her pussy lips while pressing her buttocks together and showing her French pedicure through the tights that are snug. When she raises her legs, we get a few presents. In the shot, we visit that her toes silhouetted with a glow around her soles from the sunlight. Check her collection out and view it!

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