Straight Butt Curious –


Jack Hunter arrives on a brisk fall day for an audition and photo shoot with KinkMen at the Armory. Liking what they see through the lens, both Christian and Sebastian start playing Jack. He has his physique because his erection tries to fight its way out of the briefs bound in ropes. Sebastian pushes against his hitachis before taking the toys away, bringing the stud up to the edge of an orgasm. Christian pulls Jack onto a platform box and admires the hard dick standing at attention. To the area for a break, Jack and Christian reunite after a round of edging. Jack begins feeling a bit funny following the bondage. As both Christian and Sebastian operate their hands around his entire body, he’s bound to the walls of a dungeon. As he moans and grinds against his bondage, Jack takes a dildo deep inside their hole. Sebastian borders Jack of this season with a hollowed out pumpkin at the spirit. Because the vibrating sheath matches over his cock head with his enormous cock impaling the pumpkin, Jack blows it. Deciding to allow the cum, Christian milks a hot load while Sebastian holds a vibrator deep inside his pit. As Sebastian laps the cock once again using the pumpkin from cumming fresh, the torment resumes.

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