Str8 Flush –


Leave it to stir the caldron up and bring about unexpected delights. Well, thats what happened this week discovering none other hottie. He explained Treat or Trick but, with that decision we had been ripped like hymens. Therefore, we called on our hottest ginger devil to make that phone for us. Evan Mercy was more than happy to oblige and were glad this 21yo Kentucky goddess did. Next on the record is Thanksgiving. We requested these two things they enjoy most about it. Socializing is what Evan enjoys the most while Richie enjoys stuffing the turkey. In all honesty, we cant be sure he means that the actual bird. If they were requested to make a dish, Richie would deliver Sweet Potato. We threw a curve ball at em inquiring if they needed to choose between either side, lasting more in the bag or bringing a orgasm. They confidently opted from their challenge and prefer larger loads. Who doesnt? We then wrapped it up by asking them to describe the flavor of their loads in a word. Richie chimes in using Bitter-Sweet for his load. Evan then steals this show. Well, so long as we dont have to use words we could spell he grins Im gonna state immaculate… perfect. Awww. . .Bless his heart! Evan and richie are playing strip poker if Evan lays down his winning hands and requests Richie to get naked. Richie drops and stands his shorts. To the victor go the spoils as Evan gets his knees to inspect his prize. He gets to work sucking on it pulls Richies . Richie yells as he receives that dick deep within Evans throat. Evan knows what to do to make Richies cock hard as a rock as he spits and slobbers onto his cock. After working on this dick a while, Evan gets up and begins to make out with Richie as he drops his shorts. If he won the match he may too get his dick wet as he stays on the sofa and has Richie return the favour. Richie gets his knees and gladly engulfs Evans cock as he swallows it. He conducts his tongue all along Evans throbbing cock because his mouth tasting that dick. He didnt wait to offer it up since he gets on each of four and proves that bum Evan will claim. Evan gets his knees behind him and takes a closer look tongue first as he squeezes that bum somewhat getting it ready for more.Evan takes out a butt plug in and slides it inside wanting to open this tight ass a little bit before sliding his own dick inside. Richie groans as he receives that ass stretched. Of that he orders Fuck me 8, enough! Evan slides his dick in that pit and is happy to oblige because he suits up. Until that hole is met by his balls, his meat slips all the way inside. Richie is grunting as he struggles to adapt that dick inside his hole. Hes so he begs Evan to fuck him harder not one to quit. As Evan has to operate railing his cock into Richies buttocks that really does the trick. Evan slaps as he fucks his buddy doggy-style, that ass. He cant get enough of the butt so he has Richie ride in a reverse cowgirl position and sits . Cock is rock hard as he squats on this dick. His dick slides into that bum wanting to get it in as deep as you can. As Richie gets put on his back missionary is next. Evan gets back into that butt and slams it. He pounds that gap quicker and harder hitting at Richies place. Richie cant hold off any more and blasts his load all over his chest and abs. Evan isnt far behind as he unloads his own batch all and brings out.

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