Stinky foot worship –


Mistress Lexi needs her slaves be inclined to worship any portion of her, and that includes her toes – even if she is currently wearing her well worn workout sneakers and sweaty socks in the fitness center. The odor is so rank that the slave is begging not to do it before she takes off her shoe, but Lexi requests him not to breath in the stench in the shoe, but she makes him lick the soles clean along with his tongue!Lexi goes on to get him worship her sweaty socksfrom licking them to using them along his nose and in his mouth, till she takes off them and has him suck her bare toes. Lexi makes certain the lint that is smelly even cleans in between her feet, Since he licks them clean. Lexi stuffs one sock into his mouth and then ties the other one forcing the bad slave to really take in her essence.

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