Spanish Punk Princess Liz.. –


Is Liz Rainbow a good woman or a bad girl?! We find out if Cadence Lux makes her debut as a domme in alleyways for the best victim. She’s Liz Rainbow in leather arm bondage because she tears her aching cunt in the center of Barcelona and orgasms apart fondles her. Liz is so turned on by this public embarrassment that Cadence decides it’s time to find a punishment and an audience to challenge this conscious sweetheart. She orders the patrons become involved and help find a dick large enough to fulfill this whore as she leads her to a speakeasy. As drives, the taunting of the viewer and the danger of this wand break down Liz, Max Cortes cant help but challenge Liz to shoot it deep and hard and also exhibit his penis. Whilst Cadence continues to jolt and slap her, he pounds her over the tables and chairs. Liz is a masochist for embarrassment she educates her best friends to see her get railed plus they rig a debilitating zipper on her tight figure and watch as she screams in pain as they rip it off. Eventually, as she is fucking Max furiously he needs to return on her face and she excitedly gets on her knees and drowns in his hot cum and the bar sponsors for their degradation that is extreme!

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