Smoldering Appeal –


Born in New Jersey but raised a Florida boy, Trey Turner is in the house to show us exactly what hes got. In 20 this exotic mix of Island spices would make many a heart swoon and even more asses tender. Get your attention did we? Settle down. When asked about his sexuality, Trey blurts out Gay! Before we even finished asking the question. He figured that out way back in High School if he made a decision to come out his senior year. This tall stud knows precisely what fills his out thicker than average love joy. Trey is two parts Puerto Rican and one component Filipino coming together to give us one slender, smooth and muscle stud. Luckily for Trey–and also more than a few people –among those Puerto Rican components shrouded in the kind of an 8 ass master. Trey is versatile but in a connection he generally ends up topping mostly. Unlike what one would think, most guys are apprehensive about letting him fuck them. Normally, left to their own devices they find out a way to make it function and then cant get enough. For the time being, Trey is off the market and has now been dating a man for a few months and theyre still fucking like bunnies. Great times. Hes still researching his sexualities and now at his age he’s many sexual dreams left untouched. Incorporating food into sexual intrigues him and he would like to have a 3some where he could be stuffing one hottie–while another hottie is stuffing him. . .any takers? Trey gets comfy on the sofa as he sits back to watch a flick. He stands to remove his tee shirt and as it comes off his sun-kissed abs come into view. His massive frame is caf-au-lait in tone and that he flexes to us showing off his devotion at the gym. His hot pits and pecs seem amazing. He strips down to his hot briefs before sitting back and hammering his growing cock through its own cotton boundaries. He kneels on the sofa and slowly starts to pull down his briefs showing us his candy ass. His back is crammed with a shower of stars that begin at his shoulder and then trickle back to his shoulders. Tats cant hurt to a popular man like this. After he gets off the sofa and turns round his massive meat is proud and out. A shot from below reveals his thick beef with his rippled chest as the ideal backdrop. He strokes his thick dick and as the camera pans back we get a much better sense of precisely how hung this boy actually is. No matter he gets those who take one look and believe, That fucker aint gonna fit. . . .amateurs. Lol trey then goes straight back into the sofa. He sits back because he spreads his thick thighs wide; providing his dick the focus it deserves.The sound of slap after slap fill the room as Trey pushes his rock hard cock down and releases it as it catapults up, slapping against his toned abs. This studs obtained a large dick and he understands it. He gently strikes his heavy balls rolling them around in his large hands inspecting the heap of boys hes preparing. His cock dances and throbs in his signature and Trey gradually watches his thick dick as it has worked by both palms. Trey gets back up on his knees to give us an up close and personal view of his smooth back door. He leans forward and spreads his lips apart. With the exclusion of a patch of fur on his chest this exotic morsel is smooth all over. Mmmmm. Then he goes back to complete the deed because he gets comfy on the sofa and begins to beat his meat in earnest (Not Ernest). Since Trey jacks his dick faster his smooth balls moan as they keep time to his stroking. He gently plays with his nip as he gets closer to his own orgasm. His body starts to writhe as do the muscles into his belly and thighs as his body begs for release. His hands becomes a blur because he feels familiar tingle in his balls. Oh fuck, Im gont cum grunts, seconds ahead of his thick dick begins to unload volley after volley of thick cream. His batch splatters throughout his pubes and smooth navel. We Are in Need of a tidy up on Aisle Trey.

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