Skin Diamond’s LAST BOY GIRL.. –


Sexy celebrity Skin Diamond is a multiple AVN award winner, and with great reason. To destroying herself on the dick with a heartbeat she moans. Not each starlet has what is necessary to make it through a BARS show that is live, it’s a mad and quick testing of stamina and the holes. Skin has what it takes. And then a few. Three places, all reside, no mercy.We begin off with our starlet jump and shackled down onto the ground against a tilted wooden beam put at the perfect angle for throatboarding. The wooden post guarantees that Skin dodge the dick or cannot move her head away. A vibrator is bolted down onto her tight shaved cunt directly between her spread legs. Time to teach the joys of multi tasking. While cumming can she suck cock? Lets find out!One following trains and another the cock steps upward out that tight throat. Skin drools beautifully all over the dick glaze over. This starlet craves subspace that is sexual and dives deep down the rabbit hole as fast as possible. All the while, the vibrator is currently ripping off orgasm after orgasm out of her pussy that is controlled. It is an extreme overload of feeling, and we’re only just getting started.Skin is dazed and glassy eyed, her lovely face covered in back of the throat drool. She lolls in cum, dizzy and her restraints drunk. We are only getting started, there is a whole ton more to go. Can Skin deal with the overload of dick? Or does she crack? Stay tuned for a two to find out!

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