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Back for more pleasure that this week is Mario. From his first take here in CircleJerkBoys, it was evident that this bedroom brown-eyed amateur boxer had lots to offer. At 511, he is one hot piece of man with piercing brown eyes, a excellent smile and a raw sense of masculinity. Today 25, Mario was hitting the gym often and it reveals. He cant whine because he admits that a better body receives him better women! No pain no gain! He isnt very bashful at all when it comes to women, and told me all about a wild experience he’s over Christmas week. One of his ex-girlfriends took him into a swingers club where he got to experience his first ever all out orgy! He feels just like a schoolboy, telling me how wild and hot it had been getting it with his ex; then his ex and another woman; then having a couple and many others watching and linking! He expects that if hes just as great this year, he might have that happen ! We wager that may be a battle for this bad boy. All we know is that even though he sadly left his boxers on during his Christmas caper He didnt want them today!Mario pulls his sweater off and strips down to his tight fitting sleeveless tee that proudly bares his emblem. Mario is ready to go because he rubs his growing prick through his loose fitting trousers. He has tatts on each armand the look in his head is just one of mischief. It isnt long before the panties come off, leaving him at a bright orange jock. He bends over to show us his lovely ass. He’s stretching exercises to give you time to really appreciate his or her resources! His top comes off next as he moves into the chair. He kneels on it, then humping his firm waist as he gropes his prick in his jock. Mario cant keep it in his pants any longer and peels off his jock strap. He turns to reveal his arsenal. His chest is muscle and deliciously defined. It makes your mouth thinking of the possibilitiestheyre endless! His cocknow at full mast, is a thick 7 plus he bends it in different positions to provide us a much better grasp of his own meat!He lays back on the couch to keep on working his bloated cock. His heavy balls that are shaved smooth hang as he works his bone. Each inch of him screams Lick me! His little cinnamon nips on those described pecs, the full lips, so the pits, so he resembles a piece of the Mediterranean for all to behold! The tight curled hair, the skin that is moisturizing, although the swarthy awareness of sex that oozes from every pore is intoxicating. He proceeds stroking his cock and playing with his balls as he begins to stroke faster and quicker. The look in his face changes since he obviously approaches his orgasm. He is at full throttle at no time, and only when he knows hes seconds away from breaking his nut, he discovers you, looking dead to the camera which makes certain youre paying attention since he explodes around his smooth navel below! Mario is a knock outand knows it! Heres hoping hell be back for another round!

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