Shhhhhhhhh –


Scene Courtney Taylor arrives at the house of a client to provide a massage. He recognizes Taylor from the stripclub. She gave him a couple of weeks ago a dance and he questions her constantly until she confesses. Courtney wants him to make sure her little stripper gig is kept quiet, as she does not want to lose her job at the massage parlor. She agrees to give him an excellent massage for free and some striptease in return for her loyalty to not telling her boss. Courtney removes the oil, but she soon gets into a heated conversation with her client. Her striptease begins, and she shows off her large DD breasts as well as her clean-shaven pumples. Courtney is so mad at her client for massaging her clit that she will go all out to get it. After lubricating his thick cock, Courtney spits out her saliva and then sits on the cock and rubs her pussy and clit all over it. He is finished when she finishes and jerks his body until it cumbers on her large tits.

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