Seven Slave IntakeExtreme.. –


Best of Training of O!This is a Director’s Choice film released, but adored! JP and Stefanos did an incredible job with this film, and it deserves to become re-published – trainees arrive at the day prior to the shoot and are numbered. Taking away their identity is the initial step in equipping them how we need them to be and breaking them down. They’re caged and left immediately with anxious anticipation of the next day retains for them.Morning comes and they are wake up and brought to me for choice. There are a few that stand out right from the start, and they are made an example of for the rest. With seven women we must eliminate the feeble as soon as they show signs of this. We are only searching for the top of the course for our servant training.We then test them pain endurance using sadistic nipple distress with clover clamps and excessive weight. We are down to four girls and they are all set on sybians for orgasm denial instruction. The competitiveness between all of them is equally amazing to watch.We finish the afternoon with exhausting exercising to find out who has the decision to push themselves the hardest for the spot as the new trainee. It comes down to 2 and the decision will be made for our trainee, and the other is sent off.

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