Serai teases and pleases.. –


I´ve beem seeing Doctor Leilani Lei for just six months and that I still am unable t have the orgasm. When the physician attempts to answer my own complaints by selling me yet another vibrator, I snap. I´ve spent over five thousand dollars on therapy sessions along with her and purchasing orgasm tools out of her website. I am mad and I know the aging bead is a scam artist and a fraud and II’m taking things into my own hands. I push a moist rag over her nose and mouth and if Leilani&intense;s eyes roll back in my head I XXXX her to strip off her lab coat and her top exposing her small tits. I bind her wrists together behind her back and put a tight crotch rope of the physician splitting her pussy and ass in 2. Leilani tries to cause me, however I have a great experiment for her. I push her down to her knees and XXXX a metallic ring gag into her mouth. The drool begins running out of her XXXX open mouth immediately and that I laugh. How&severe;s this doctor? I squeeze her nipples and lay her down onto the floor. You’re not even a real doctor I scream. I&severe;m definitely going to show you what XXXX orgasms are really made of. Your poor pussy is going to be cumming over and over and over and there will be not a damn thing that you can do to stop it. This is how you will endure after pushing my money for six months and now that I haven&intense;t had a singular solitary orgasm. I place the good doctor in a hogtie and inform Leilani she’ll soon suffer the way my bank accounts has endured. I grab the super charged vibrator that she attempted to sell me and press it down hard on her pussy. Poor helpless Leilani&intense;s body dollars and spasms in her bondage as the climaxes overtake her. I push the magic wand into the loop on her crotch rope and roll the fraud on her abdomen so that she can&extreme;t escape the powerful vibrations on her pussy.

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