Scissored Foot Fuckers –


Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar, Dynamic Duo are lying on the sofa while Domina Ruby and Domina Ruby sit down on the ground. It isn’t a movie night. These ladies will make their boys scream and kick for air. Both boys have powerful thighs so they can be expected to suffer. Ruby is quick to get rid of her bitch, while Skylar takes a more relaxed approach and allows Skylar to kiss her feet. Both slaves struggle to get wood, with the younger one getting first. However, their necks are tightened and they both have trouble stimulating their cocks. The Superiors finally decide that there’s not enough flow to slaves’ cocks so they return to scissoring, this time with greater force. Ruby becomes very passionate and can be seen her slave struggling to breath under the intense pressure. Skylar puts more pressure on the slave and she immediately kicks. Skylar exclaims, “aEURoeItaEUR[tm]s such an excellent work out! I love it!” as she squeezes hard. Now, the Ladies will wrap their legs around slavesaEUR ™, and squeeze as hard as they can. ItaEUR(tm)s bedtime!

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