Ruth Blackwell –


What does a white woman with some time on her own hands do? Well its even being eye candy for the guys or hanging out with friends. Ruth Blackwell doesnt adapt a black cock that’s just about from a fairy story, and also about to spend the next half hour in a room with 4 walls, plumbing that is substandard. Knowing that and shes a size queen that is legitimate in every sense means that Ruth can go to task with nearly any black penis up for grabs. Ruths toilet break should have attracted some attention traveling on the sounds her mouth left when black cock was taking up home within it. Imagine looking beneath the stall to find feet in positions that arent common whenever someone uses the”john.” Its not normal for a woman to be bent , bum in the air, with her lips circulating over a huge black cock. Then again, its unusual to get a white slut to be asking for cum from a public restroom. It hot knows that Ruth risked arrest simply to get her daily dose of black spunk.

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