Ruby’s PVC Ass Crush –


Domina Ruby keeps one slave in blindfolded position on the floor, and the other in stock. SheaEUR(tm),s is working with them all over. To start, she puts herself on the chest of the slaveaEUR(tm), knocking out his airways. He groans and grunts as she bounces around, until she stops him under her PVC-covered sleeve. LetaEUR(tm), let’s find out how long you can keep your breathaEUR, she says. Although the slave did well initially, he eventually reached his limit. Ruby eventually gets up and tries to get his breath back for a moment before sheaEUR ™ finally falls on him. She pulls at his nipples as she sits down on him.

Ruby doesn’t feel generous today and she has no plans to allow her slave to breathe. It is easy to see how anxious he gets before he finally sits again for just a second. She sits this time for a longer time, giving her slave attention. The second slaveaEUR(tm), she is now in front, so she returns to the seat. HeaEUR(tm), she really pushes her limits. She’s nearly frantic when she stands up. He is told to relax, but she then sits down. As he pushes his limits, the slaveaEUR(tm),’s cock grows and Ruby is able to take a long, relaxing sit. He takes a quick breath and she then sits down. This time, she lets him kick and kicked while listening to the muffled sounds coming from his underarms.

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