Roman & Cole –


“Naw, dude,’m directly. I dont swing that way. “That was Romans stance the first time that I met him. “Its just a blowjob,” I advised him. “What difference does it make if its a man or a girl? Youll enjoy it, I promise.” “Well, can a girl do it” He asked. “Youve seen the website.” Enough said.Fast ahead a week per so. A half dozen or so conversations had made him feel a bit more comfortable.He was sitting around the bed, half naked, with Cole, who’s come to be a connoisseur of dick sucking. Roman had a huge grin on his head. I understood he had been awaiting this.We started filming and something odd happened. Regardless of what position I place Roman in, he slowly moved himself that Cole was eating his ass rather than sucking his cock.Now, Im not whining, however I noticed it straight away. First Romans dick had been in then and Coles mouth his balls, and Coles face was implanted licking his hairy hole. “That dirty boy,” I thought to myself. “He adores it!”

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