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Following a day of hard labour I receive house devastated and ruined. My husband asked me what happened. My secretary Hazel Allure has vanished abruptly. Hazel isn’t alert to the patent keys of my business so I don&severe . I get a text using a message in which to go the morning after along with a photo of my secretary bound and gagged. Should I have somebody with me or call the police my secretary is going to be destroyed instantly. I go to meet with up with the man who took Hazel and now I’m handcuffed with my hands behind my back with all cuffs that are hinged and blindfolded and taken by a guy. There is bad Hazel. Her wrists are tied by the elbow with metres of rope to her wrists to ensure struggle and even a little further tension further stretches her buttocks, and she is hanging from the ceiling. They have gagged my secretary using a ring gag that was tight and that she drools while squirting in pain that was acute abundantly. Her legs can also be bound with metres of rope in the thighs to her ankles and her ankles are crossed so that her balance is tight. They applied clover nipple clamps that were tight and have discovered her breasts. My blindfold is removed by the guy and I see her at that place and cry out in horror. The guy leaves me sit on a chair and requests me to watch my secretary while he teases and slaps torments her and rolls her all. I protest and shout to leave her lonely while my secretary screams of frustration and pain, but he disturbs me. The man detaches her from the ceiling, then throws her onto the ground and binds tightly her wrists fusing with her knees at a debilitating hogtie. He doesn’t believe me although I protest and protest explanations. He threatens me that Hazel will invest her time suffering until I send the patent for weapons which my business is sending to a government. He takes me out leaving Hazel struggling about the filthy floor shaking in agony and sobbing through her gag and blindfolds me again.

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