Rich Girl Exposed –


This sassy wealthy teenager is captured walking a mall and talking on her mobile phone, but removing her bra in that position, and exposing her nipples! Returning to her Lamborghini Gallardo, she then heads over to a resort where she gets almost completely nude, and nearly caught… then she discovers herself a vibrator, and masturbates to some dripping milky wet orgasm. She flashes us some upskirt in a gas station & restaurant, also ends up in a cute green miniskirt. Then comes a very hot masturbation using the powerful rabbit toy, that attracts her into another, even stronger orgasm… with much more milky wet juices flowing, and she tastes it… she also has that innate ability to make her clitoris proceed! Having a bikini and heels, she ends up at the pool, gets her hair wet, with a few extreme closeups of her private parts, then goes indoors to masturbate in a sensual video, with a different natural climax.

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